One of the most important aspects that affect sleep quality is the ideal microclimate that each bed system must ensure. A good microclimate is especially due to the breathability of contact materials, which must be able to ensure air passage in order to prevent sweating and body cooling. It has been shown that a number of cooling diseases (such as flu or cold) are unexpectedly contracted in bed. A direct benefit from good breathability is the lack of sweating, hence an environment without bacteria and mites.

Hemp is a natural fibre that has recently been re-discovered; it ensures a perfect thermal regulation of your body temperature (even better than natural cotton fibres). The ability to offset and balance your body temperature comes out especially in the summer season, when it provides a fresh effect and a dry sensation (hemp retains a large quantityof dampness but you don’t get this sensation when you touch it). Hemp is a high-quality natural fibre of vegetable origin and it has high mechanical toughness and resistance to traction and wear – like no other fibre. It is resistant to mites, mildew, fungi and clothes moths. It is anti-static and antiallergenic. It is well-known that people benefit from the daily usage of natural materials rather than synthetic materials. There is such a big difference between wearing a cotton T-shirt and a synthetic T-shirt in the summer! Hemp is remarkably eco-friendly in that its production and disposal have no impact on the environment.

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