Cashmere wool – Cashmere wool is obtained from goats that have a valuable fleece and can survive in a very challenging environment characterised by cold windy winters and torrid summers.
As a consequence their thick soft wool is very thin. Cashmere fibres are well-known for their lightness and heat-insulating properties.

Merino wool – In a number of its products Lordflex’s uses this special wool, which is very precious, delicate and soft. Combed super-washed Merino wool is shorn where the animal’s fleece is longer and softer. Merino wool allows good breathability and absorbs excessive moisture and sweat. It holds a considerable mass of air in the top layer of its fibres and, thanks to its high lanolin contents, it has a beneficial and preventive effect on rheumatic and muscular pains.

Wool – Textile fibre of animal origin obtained from the sheep fleece, it has insulating and water-absorbing properties. Wool fibres can absorb water up to 33% of their weight, leaving no wet feeling. Wool also has natural thermoregulating properties and keeps your body temperature constant in all seasons: in summer it insulates the body from external heat, while in winter it retains warmth. This fibre is remarkably resistant to wear and tear. Lordflex’s uses WOOLMARK-certified Pure Virgin Wool, which is sanitised, carded and pressed. We never use recovered or regenerated wool.