test 50000 cicli

Only the products that passed the fatigue test will be granted the certificates and logos CATAS, COSMOB and CONSORZIO PRODUTTORI MATERASSI DI QUALITÀ.

For an objective assessment of its quality, a mattress undergoes laboratory tests according to UNI standards that simulate the conditions of use during sleep.
There are two different types of tests: a dimensional test and a durability test. The durability test is carried out using equipment that repeatedly applies loads and movements, thus simulating the actual use of the mattress at home during sleep for a period of 15 years.

The test was designed to assess any variation in the mattress’s properties following actual usage as simulated by a roller with a total mass of 140 kg.
The mattress is positioned in a temperature- and humidity-controlled conditioning cell simulating the conditions of the human body and the environment. After 21 days in the cell, the mattress is ready for the roller test. Before the beginning and at the end of the test, the load-strain curve, the stiffness value (i.e. resistance to flattening as caused by a pad with suitable shape and size) and the height of the mattress are assessed.
At the end of the test the components of the test mattress are expected to be undamaged, without any loss in either height or bearing capacity.

As a further guarantee for the customers, the Consorzio produttori materassi di qualità has adopted a protocol whose durability test provides for as many as 50,000 cycles, i.e. 50% more than specified by the CEN.