It is a natural fibre of animal origin similar to wool. In order to produce insulating materials, the fibres are uniformly bound together with tiny latex drops.
This process creates a compact indissoluble layer without adding man-made chemical glues, thus preserving the fibre in its natural form.
Animal hair does not flake off over time, it does not produce any dust and it immediately reacts to strain without any consequences. It is permeable and absorbs moisture without transferring it to the lower layers and without creating unpleasant wet feelings. It is not attacked by micro-organisms.
Processed as an insulator, animal hair fibres are properly spaced and fixed to form a brim in order to assure good breathability and ventilation inside the mattress. Just like wool, this fibre will protect you from rheumatic diseases. In a mattress the insulating layer made of animal hair is usually arranged between the latex bearing monoblock and the wool or cotton layer (different sides).