Lordflex’s has always selected mattress fabrics with the utmost care. We combine quality and strength with aesthetic appeal and tactile pleasantness. Studies and research result in continuous updates to patterns, textures and yarns in order to offer the best technical and aesthetic solutions. Constantly keeping an eye on market trends, Lordflex’s has selected strong yarns in natural ecru cotton giving a pleasant sensation of relaxation. For the greatest resistance over time the fabric must be composed of a thick yarn (in weft and warp) with many threads arranged in a particular woven pattern. With different yarn compositions and processing, it is possible to make washable, fireproof or antibacterial cloth. Industrial research has focused on said feature in order to protect the well-being and health of consumers. Some fibres have been shown to naturally have anti-mite properties that prevent any proliferation. A further innovation is the use of natural pure silver fibres with beneficial properties. This special fabric is naturally anti-mite, thermoregulating, anti-moisture, antimagnetic, anti-odour and anti-decubitus.