Springs are one of the key elements of a mattress. There are different types of springs available. Lordflex’s uses only tempered phosphated carbon steel wire. The tempering process plays a fundamental role, because it strengthens the steel and makes it non-deformable over time, thus avoiding those unpleasant depressions in the mattress surface due to a sagging spring system. The springs make up the bearing structure that, together with the cushioning layers, support the loads and stresses during sleep.
Pocketed springs are the most sophisticated solution in ensuring an ideal performance and a higher quality of sleep. Each spring is enclosed in a fabric “pocket” that links it safely to the other springs. However, each spring is separate and moves independently from adjacent springs in order to follow the body shape rather than the shapes produced by the surrounding springs. Thanks to its small circumference, it is possible to create different structures: bearing structures as composed of 1700 or 850 elements (double bed) with different comfort and ergonomic levels; and surface structures such as the low-thickness small microspring toppers used for the mattress’s contact surface.