Although used by LORDFLEX’s as a mattress covering fabric for some time now, the silver fibre fabric is still a great innovation. It is undoubtedly the most useful, efficient and beneficial fabric on the market and for this reason should be present in every mattress. Nowadays silver is used in a number of highly specialised industries (antibacterial toothbrushes, sticking plasters and many other medical aides) to protect and treat the body thanks to its many properties. The Ancient Romans already knew its properties and because they didn’t have modern technologies available, they used to put silver balls in the water tanks to purify the water and make it fit to drink.

In the mattress silver acts as a powerful means against mites and fungi, but it also regulates the temperature and dissipates humidity.

Another major feature that makes X-Static different from the others is its antistatic power. As one of the materials with the highest electrical conductivity, it can remove any magnetic fields from the environment. With a mattress covered in X-static fabric, your organism will reduce any risk of stress and muscular tension in an entirely natural way.