Latex is originally a dense whitish fluid extracted from the rubber tree (caoutchouc). Through the first process (foaming), this fluid is mixed with air in order to achieve the desired density and the required bearing capacity of the block. Depending on the air/fluid proportion, it is possible to produce latex blocks with different zones. Lordflex’s uses calibrated 7-zoned blocks in order to have the best bearing capacity for the different body parts. This results in a highly ergonomic structure. Mixed with air, it produces tiny intercommunicating cells that – together with the vertical channels – allow the material’s breathability.

Latex ensures perfect adaptation to your body profile and is an alternative to the spring structure or to the synthetic foams used to manufacture mattresses. We recommend choosing latex mattresses with animal hair layers, because they are cooler and more ventilated.
It is natural, antistatic, protects from sources of electromagnetic pollution and favours well-being in the sleep environment.