ESSENTIALS is a selection of products composed by models that are indispensable and really needed in the show room for daily sale, purified from “superfluous” collections and products. It’s a true “synthesis” compared to the entire and too wide panorama of products that often confuses and makes it even more difficult the purchase choice of the final Customer.

With ESSENTIALS Lordflex’s wants to make a synthesis, wants to suggest only those models that offer a real added value, making the purchase easier, faster, and devoid of uncertainties.

The ESSENTIALS project, it’s also studied #perchisivuolebene. Its mattresses are designed to maximize the comfort of rest, to ensure the correct posture, to express the beauty and the design of the product, in addition to the convenience of use. 4 different models for various sensations of rest. 4 versions that offer the best you can expect from a quality mattress.

The ESSENTIALS line #perchisivuolebene uses the best technologies and all the competences acquired over 56 years of Lordflex’s business. A heritage of knowledge and doing that is embodied with skill and elegance in real artifacts of rest. Sleep well helps life is the slogan that Lordflex’s always transmits to its customers, and today wants to dedicate the new line ESSENTIALS to those who, loving each other, choose to sleep well!

the mattress with integrated topper,
at the price of the mattress only

The topper became a “wellness accessory”, essential for those who wish to maximize the comfort and the quality of their rest.

The traditional toppers, however, overlap with the mattress excessively increasing the height of the resting area, thus making it sometimes difficult or uncomfortable to get on the bed. In addition, toppers increase the mattress’ thickness, creating a disproportion between mattress and headboard that penalizes the aesthetics and design of the bed. Moreover, adding a traditional topper, means that it is also necessary to provide for the use of sheets suitable for high-thickness mattresses. Another drawback is that there is the possibility that, during the night, due to the movements of the person, the added topper does not always remain perfectly aligned to the mattress losing its correct position.

PERFETTO, the new Lordflex’s system with integrated topper proposed in 4 variants of comfort, offers maximum functionality and all the benefits of Topper, without any contraindication in use.

The Perfetto’s winter side is in fabric composed of fine cashmere fibre, quilted with high thickness padding and memory in order to get a “topper effect”. This special stratification, soft and voluminous, creates and maintains warmth, offering a warm and pleasant surface for the winter season. Moreover, adhering well to the body, is very cozy and welcoming as it wraps it perfectly in every part, offering an incomparable pleasure of rest.

The summer side, 3D Flat fabric and memory free, it’s quilted with a special compact padding in cotton that does not wrap the body allowing a wide circulation of air that dissipates heat and ensures freshness during the summer season. In fact, for a good breathability and to avoid sweating in the warmer months, it is always advisable to rest on a memory-free surface and choose padding not too adherent to the body.