Use and maintenance

Any mattress requires care and attention for as long as it is used.
To make the most of the thermoregulating properties of the winter side and the summer side of Lordflex’s mattresses, we recommend turning the mattress over at every change of season. Concurrently, we also recommend turning the mattress upside down so that the internal soft padding gets used and adjusted uniformly along the entire surface – without using the same pressure points again and again. In any case small thickness losses in the areas subject to the highest body weight are to be expected, but they don’t affect the quality and duration of the mattress or your sleep.
After purchasing a new mattress, we recommend turning it over and upside down every week during the first 3-4 weeks regardless of the season for the best initial adjustment of the soft internal materials. It understandably takes some time for the mattress to become more compact as it is used.
All Lordflex’s mattresses comprising internal structures with differentiated sides – with a Memory Air layer or a small microspring topper on one side – come with a removable cover. In such cases do not turn the mattress over completely, unlike traditional mattresses. Remove the cover of the spring system (or internal structure) and keep the small microspring topper (or Memory Air) surface always on the upper side, i.e. the sleep side. Only the covering sides should be reversed. The covering has the summer padding embroidered on one side and the winter padding embroidered on the other side. This allows the regular summer/winter turn-over at every change of season for a nonstop enjoyment of the special comfort provided by the ergonomic side.