Every year, in Italy, 5/6 millions of mattresses are replaced as they are old or damaged, and therefore no longer usable. Until a few years ago, all of these were sent to landfill, disregarding the correct principles underlying the environment protection and low environmental impact.

In contrast, for some time Lordflex’s has started a planning and production path according to eco-design criteria. These involve the use of materials and industrial processes that brings to a total disassembly of the final product and to the subsequent reuse of its components.

Today Lordflex’s guarantees that its products, composed by natural fabric, wadding, water form, steel springs, etc., are 95% recoverable to manufacture new products if placed in the correct recycling chain.

Other important aspect, to protect the environment, it’s the product’s durability. For this reason, since forever, Lordflex’s propose mattresses and bed systems designed to exceed the strict endurance tests (over 15years of normal use) performed at Catas and Cosmob laboratories. The longer the life of the product, the less the amount of waste generated will be.

Thanks to these choices, the Lordflex’s products that reach the end of the cycle enter a virtuous process of circular economy the extraordinary result of this process consists in a percentage of unusable waste, intended for disposal, close to 0. So, at the end of its life, the Lordflex’s mattress is not thrown, it is transformed.