CLIMA Canapa Fresh Effect

One of the most important aspects that affect sleep quality is the ideal microclimate that
each bed system must ensure… Read more


Although used by LORDFLEX’s as a mattress covering fabric for some time now, the silver fibre fabric is still a great innovation… Read more


Latex is originally a dense whitish fluid extracted from the rubber tree (caoutchouc)… Read more


Watergel is a new revolutionary exclusive high-technology material. It is made from high-density Waterform in a mixture of gel… Read more


LORDFLEX’S philosophy has always consisted in making the most of exclusive innovative eco-friendly raw materials with a high performance… Read more

Memory Air

Waterform Memory Air is a very comfortable material. It is used as a mattress-supporting structure because its characteristics enable it to delicately follow and adjust to your body’s shape… Read more

Cashmere, Merino Wool, Wool

Cashmere wool – Cashmere wool is obtained from goats that have a valuable fleece and can survive in a very challenging environment characterised… Read more

Silk, Cotton

Silk – Like wool, silk belongs to animal fibres, although it is not a fibre but a filament obtained from silkworm cocoons only… Read more

Animal hair

It is a natural fibre of animal origin similar to wool. In order to produce insulating materials, the fibres are uniformly bound together with tiny latex drops… Read more

Yarns and fabrics

Lordflex’s has always selected mattress fabrics with the utmost care. We combine quality and strength with aesthetic appeal and tactile pleasantness… Read more

Independent spring

Springs are one of the key elements of a mattress. There are different types of springs available. Lordflex’s uses only tempered phosphated carbon steel wire… Read more

Bonnel spring

Made of tempered phosphated carbon steel wire, with diameter 2.2 or 2.0. The tempering process plays a fundamental role, because it strengthens the steel and makes… Read more

Natural beechwood

All Lordflex’s technical supports are exclusively made of natural steamed beechwood. Its special properties ensure insulation from harmful magnetic fields… Read more