Silk – Like wool, silk belongs to animal fibres, although it is not a fibre but a filament obtained from silkworm cocoons only.
As it is the most similar material to the human skin, silk is easily tolerated by our organisms. It has a soothing effect on the skin, is very breathable and stays always dry, although it can absorb a large quantity of moisture. That is why the use of silk in a mattress’s padded layers allows body sweat to be absorbed without becoming cold, leaving no unpleasant wet feeling and preventing the onset of cooling diseases.
Silk has extraordinary thermoregulating properties and is especially recommended to people with a very sensitive skin.

Cotton – A textile fibre of vegetable origin, it comes from the cotton flock, precisely from the hair covering the seeds growing inside the plant’s flower. The flower’s seeds and vegetation get caught in the padding fibres, testifying to the material’s natural origin. Although the most widely used natural fibre in the textile industry, it has been used in several other industries too.
Even in its original form it has very good qualities: it is a good heat conductor and is consequently used to dissipate any warmth produced and accumulated by your body. It is a good solution for the fresh summer padding of a mattress. Lordflex’s always uses sanitized, carded and pressed cotton. We never use recovered or regenerated wool.