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The new Lordflex’s SEIxTE collection is here!!
This collection comes from the greatest care taken during the selection of materials, together with the quality of the products which has been for almost sixty years, and continues to be, its trademark…

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ESSENTIALS is a selection of products composed by models that are indispensable and really needed in the show room for daily sale, purified from “superfluous” collections and products. It’s a true “synthesis” compared to the entire and too wide panorama of products that often confuses and makes it even more difficult the purchase choice of the final Customer…

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Find out about “Star Quality”: a new clear and detailed assessment criteria

Since 1988, the Consorzio Produttori Materassi di Qualità “ Italian Association of Producers of Quality Mattresses” certifies hygiene, safety, durability, and suitability requirements of the materials used in the manufacture of mattresses and bed components. Thanks to the Stars it is easy to identify the quality of the product you are buying, being able to easily compare it with other similar products.
To the traditional laboratory tests that measure resistance to stress and duration, we have added important quality evaluations:

Aspects relating to the performance of the mattress in terms of environmental decontamination and prevention of physical discomfort, which both affect the quality of sleep.

Aspects relating to the suitability, safety, and certainty of the origin of the mattress in relation to its destination of use.

Aspects relating to the ability of the mattress to keep its performance and its basic characteristics constant over time.

Aspects that concern, for the different types of mattresses, the physical characteristics of the materials and individual components used.

Aspects relating to the manufacturing care and finish level of mattresses, according to the quality and physical characteristics of the materials used.

Information accompanying the single mattress, according to current regulations, for consumer protection.

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Are you a retailer?

Each sleep has its own mattress
COMFORTEST measures your comfort and selects the most suitable mattress for you.
Lordflex’s has developed and patented an exclusive device with a technology – unique in Italy and in the whole world – that will find the perfect solution for your sleep requirements.
Special internal sensors and a patented mechanism allow COMFORTEST, a new revolutionary technological mattress, to detect the posture and weight distribution of the person lying on it. All collected data is related to the different mattress parameters from the Lordflex’s range
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