Headboards fire-proof
removable cover
In brief
  • Soft and padded surfaces
  • Removable cover
Upon request
Available in white colour or with customer’s fire-proof fabric too
Fire-proof eco-leather colours

Internal bearing structure made of fire-proof self-extinguishing wood, thickness 1.8 cm.
Covering made of soft fire-proof self-extinguishing non-deformable expanded polyurethane.
Fire-proof removable covering made of eco-leather
Sample fire-proof fabrics shown
2 bayonet connections for bed anchoring
PERLA, AMETISTA, CLORIS h 100, GIADA h 90 have a round profile
CLORIS h 120, GIADA h 120 and AGATA have a sharp-corner profile
Thickness 8 cm for AGATA, PERLA, AMETISTA, CLORIS h 100 and GIADA h 90
Thickness 10 cm for CLORIS h 120 and GIADA h 120
All headboards apply to any LORDFLEX’S padded base

Certificates of quality
<b>Cloris</b> h 120 <b>Cloris</b> h 100
<b>Giada</b> h 120 <b>Giada</b> h 90
<b>Agata</b> h 100
<b>Perla</b> h 100
<b>Ametista</b> h 100