Only the consorzio guarantees you the “star quality” : a new clear and detailed assessment criteria

Since 1988, the Consorzio Produttori Materassi di Qualità “ Italian Association of Producers of Quality Mattresses” certifies hygiene, safety, durability, and suitability requirements of the materials used in the manufacture of mattresses and bed components.

Today, the Consorzio introduces something brand new, which shows you the quality of your mattress in the most immediate and effective way.

The Quality mark, thanks to the Star Quality, gets richer of contents, making the quality parameters more detailed and more selective. As a result, these qualitative parameters, together with traditional laboratory tests, directly highlight the characteristics and performance of the single mattress.

The Star Quality, thanks to the number of stars, from 3 to 6, highlights the value of the product like never before.

It’s easy to find your way with the star quality

The Star Quality offers costumers, retailers, and interior designers a new map of quality, by which it is easy to find your way around in the comfort and healthy rest market.

The Star Quality ensures you a sure and easy guide to measure the quality of mattresses in an objective way.


You can more easily make a direct comparison with other offers on the market and choose the mattress that best suits your needs, through a proper assessment of quality.


You can earn the trust of your customers thanks to the new criteria of objective quality assessment, which reassures them on of the value of the mattresses and on the purchase proposal.


You can advise your customers about choosing the best mattress, proposing well-founded and guaranteed solutions from three different point of view: quality, manufacturing care and design innovation.

A new clear and detailed evaluation system

We developed an exclusive, clear and detailed evaluation system that goes hand-to-hand with the disciplinary of the Consorzio brand but is enriched with new content. Specifically, we didn’t stop at the traditional laboratory tests which measure the resistance to efforts and duration: in fact, we added other important quality assessments, according to the main criteria described below:


Aspects relating to the performance of the mattress in terms of environmental decontamination and prevention of physical discomfort, which both affect the quality of sleep:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): volatile pollutant that can harm the health if present in high concentration.
  • Anti-mites padding and fabric: intrinsic physical properties of the fiber or permanent additional treatment capable of maintaining the concentration of dust mites below the critical threshold that generates allergic symptoms.
  • Air-conditioning: the ability of textile fibres to retain coolness and heat, favouring in this way the right thermal balance. Natural fibres, combined with highly innovative technofibres, possess the ability to absorb body moisture and transfer it to the external environment.
  • Ergonomics: ability of the mattress to adapt to the body, favouring correct and comfortable posture at the same time.
  • Removable cover: the possibility to remove and then put back the external cover of the mattress, with remarkable ease of use.
  • Washable cover: possibility to periodically wash the external cover (with water or tumble dry) in order to maintain the optimal hygiene level of the mattress.


Aspects relating to the suitability, safety, and certainty of the origin of the mattress in relation to its destination of use.

  • General safety requirements: ability of the mattress to maintain the original integrity over time despite the use, without presenting alterations or abnormalities such as to affect the safety of those who sleep.
  • Made in Italy: certain knowledge of Italian Origin and of the manufacturing site of the product.


Aspects relating to the ability of the mattress to keep its performance and its basic characteristics constant over time.

  • Resistance to use: the ability of the mattress to withstand to physical stress
  • Edge of the mattress fatigue: ability of the mattress to withstand to stress caused by compression and bending exerted on the edge of the mattress, resulting from body the weight of the body when you get up and sit down.
  • Measurement methods of the laboratory test results: visit the website under heading: “Marchio di Qualità” (Quality Mark).


Aspects that concern, for the different types of mattresses, the physical characteristics of the materials and individual components used.

  • Quality, quantity, density, thickness, manufacturing of the block of latex, polyurethane, and the hybrid one: the nature of the material, its specific weight, its thickness, and the additional processing determine the ergonomic performance of the mattress.
  • Quality, quantity of the number of springs: the quality of the iron wire, the number of springs per square meter and the section of the iron wire determine the ability of the mattress to withstand to the stress of the body weight.
  • Quality, quantity, type, thickness, specific weight, special processing of the inter layers: characteristics that determine the ergonomic performance of the mattress.


Aspects relating to the manufacturing care and finish level of mattresses, according to the quality and physical characteristics of the materials used.

  • Quality, quantity, type of insulating and protective materials: characteristics that determine the mattress performance and its overall comfort level.
  • Quality, quantity, intrinsic characteristics of padding: the nature, the composition and the combination of the padding determine their ability to isolate and protect the body against heat and cold, in this way offering thermal comfort.
  • Quality, quantity, physical characteristics and intrinsic qualities of the covering fabric: their nature and composition determine the ability of the fabric to guarantee thermo-hygrometric breathability.


Information accompanying the single mattress, according to current regulations, for consumer protection.

  • Product sheet: containing all the information the customer may need, provided by Dlg 206 – Codice del Consumo (Legislative Decree number 206 – Consumer Code).