Each sleep has its own mattress

COMFORTEST measures your comfort and selects the most suitable mattress for you.

Lordflex’s has developed and patented an exclusive device with a technology – unique in Italy and in the whole world – that will find the perfect solution for your sleep requirements.

Special internal sensors and a patented mechanism allow COMFORTEST, a new revolutionary technological mattress, to detect the posture and weight distribution of the person lying on it. All collected data is related to the different mattress parameters from the Lordflex’s range as controlled through a dedicated tablet/ smartphone app, while a monitor scientifically displays in 2D or 3D mode the map of the pressure points in order to assess the body’s correct natural “waterline”.

Then COMFORTEST suggests through a sophisticated algorithm the most suitable mattress for you from the physiological point of view and at
the same time lets you test the sleep experience. COMFORTEST can simulate the exact bearing capacity of the recommended model as well as of the other Lordflex’s mattresses, while you are comfortably lying on the test station. This will allow you to directly and immediately compare the different alternatives. The choice of a new mattress turns into an unusually pleasant and relaxing experience, and prevents any uncertainty and mistakes in the purchasing process.

The COMFORTEST technology is validated by the COSMOB Technological Centre, an authoritative and accredited test laboratory in the manufacturing industry

Looking for a new mattress, but they all look the same?
COMFORTEST is the start of a new era in choosing the mattress that best meets your individual sleep, health and well-being needs.

5 good reasons to test COMFORTEST before your next purchase:

  1. EASY
    Allows you to easily choose the best mattress;
    Avoids any doubts, uncertainty and wrong decisions;
  3. FAST
    Makes your purchase much easier through a fast comparison among 14 different mattress models;
    Increases the awareness level related to your ideal state of comfort thanks to interactive, functional and efficient technology;
  5. FUN
    The “modern and multimedia” approach to the purchase experience is brand new.
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