All Lordflex’s technical supports are exclusively made of natural steamed beechwood. Its special properties ensure insulation from harmful magnetic fields, maximum bearing capacity, non-deformability and stability. Steaming is a treatment used to give beechwood more flexibility and strength. The bed frame is made of lamellar, unidirectional multilayer natural beechwood in order to provide excellent resistance to strong pressure upon the longitudinal planks, thanks to the remarkable cohesion of wood fibres. The ensuing strong structure doesn’t bend and it has twice the resistance and durability as normal multilayer wood. The staves are made of curved multilayer natural beechwood that are pre-loaded in order to be able to absorb and then gently release significant static and dynamic loads without any sagging or adjusting. The multilayer beechwood being curved and coupled, the staves are remarkably elastic and consistently resistant to weight and body movements during sleep. They form a single arch from side to side in double beds.