A naturally simple product in its composition.

LORDFLEX’S philosophy has always consisted in making the most of exclusive innovative eco-friendly raw materials with a high performance level.
The new expanded Waterforms (Limpha, Limpha/M, Ecoelast, Performance, Soff etc) used by LORDFLEX’S to manufacture the internal bearing structures of layered mattresses are manufactured with a formulation of natural and renewable elements – quite simple in its composition. Only vegetable components, steam and carbon dioxide are used in the manufacturing cycle, thus achieving high-quality foams as certified by Oeko- Tex and CertiPUR. The new mixtures offer a thoroughly relaxing sensation thanks to their excellent elasticity. They support the body perfectly well – thus increasing the quality of sleep – and also guarantee high breathability, which is a key factor for the right level of air conditioning in the different seasons. Such excellent aeration prevents the build-up of heat and sweat and ensures the best hygienic condition of the mattress, which is free from mites, bacteria and mildew.

LORDFLEX’S uses Waterform layers processed with anatomic outlines and different zones of bearing capacity by combining them with other high-technology expanded layers.
These special combinations offer the best performance in terms of bearing capacity and gradual compression of the mattress according to body shape and weight.