Watergel is a new revolutionary exclusive high-technology material. It is made from high-density Waterform in a mixture of gel foam.

Watergel, although providing the same relaxing sensation as traditional gel, is substantially different in that traditional gel is enclosed in an external waterproof surface similar to a thin plastic film, thus creating sweating and increasing temperature and moisture. This affects the hygienic condition of a mattress. On the contrary WaterGel is fresh and remarkably breathable thanks to a thick network of channels and open intercommunicating cells inside its structure.
This ensures the same extraordinary sensation as gel, which gets modelled according to your body shape, for unique comfort, correct posture, ventilation, freshness and hygiene in the material.

LORDFLEX’S uses processed gel with anatomic outlines and different zones of bearing capacity for the internal structures of its mattresses by stratifying it with other high-technology expanded layers. These special combinations offer the best performance in terms of bearing capacity and gradual compression of the mattress according to body shape and weight.